The Legend

Despite Apple each year proclaiming that they created the best ever iPhone, in my opinion iPhone 5s was best iPhone Apple ever made.

Not only it brought the new soon to become industry standard - Touch ID, but it continued on the amazing industry design which got even better after being introduced in the iPhone 5. Many years after and few months ago they reused those straight lines in the latest iPad Pro unfortunately leaving the polished cut of the bezel of the iPhone 5s behind.

That phone's design was so unique at that time that I wanted to keep it as a memory on how good the hardware design might be because I had the feeling it will be hard to release something more beautiful. And I think none of the next designs on the line could achieve that level of polish. Unfortunately, I had to give my personal phone away long time ago so I wasn't able to leave it for my collection of awesome hardware I owned. But recently I was lucky enough to buy it for testing content on smaller screen devices, which are seemingly going away. The iPhone 5s is the last 4" Apple device supported by the latest iOS and that's probably the last year of support for this phone by the latest software. But it was a good ride, and supporting it for 5 years is unheard of in the industry.

I'm really happy that I am able to keep this marvel of engineering in my drawer to be able to take it once in a while in order to appreciate this piece of technology.