The PowerPod Case Review


After backing up in around March, today I got my PowerPod Case in about a week after getting an email of it being shipped. Everything happened according to schedule, with shipping aimed at July, and I'm really happy with that.

In short PowerPod is a silicon case for your AirPods that not only protects their case but enables them with wireless charging from any Qi-enabled charger.


The PowerPod fits the AirPods really nicely. The case doesn't flop around and the headphone's case sits there nice and firm.


In my tests the PowerPod added about 18% to the AirPod's case battery within 15 minutes of charging. The case got a bit warm though, while using with my standing Samsung Wireless Charger.


One thing I got puzzled about was that the charging case wasn't reaching the middle of the charger. A quick 180 degree turn later and it started charging nicely. That's not what Apple would approve but since their AirPower is delayed almost for a year now it's better than nothing. And by the way, even Apple can't handle their own design each time right 🙂

You probably already noticed the single con of the PowerPod - the rubber that it's built of collects all the lint in all of your pockets. But on the flip side it keeps your AirPods safe from falls (mine are chipped a bit after a year of use) and scratches and even helps opening the lid easier with that additional grip.

Overall I can highly recommend the PowerPod Case for those who wants to secure and charge his AirPods wirelessly along with their other Qi-enabled devices.