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Found an unexpected Mach-O header code: 0x72613c21 (Carthage)


If you ended up here, know that this was a tough one 🙂

If you're using Carthage and already cleaned all the embedded frameworks and "Copy Bundle Resources", cleaned the project and removed Derived Data, and none of your verbose logs were helpful, here's what helped me:

It turns out you put only static libraries into your input.xcfilelist and output.xcfilelist files. My problem was that somehow I added there a recent Firebase's dependency - the AppAuth.framework thinking it's neccessary to be stripped down before uploading to the App Store. Turns out its not and removing it from the aforementioned files actually solved the issue.

P.S. This helpful SO post explains how to understand which of your libraries are static and which are dynamic.

Fastlane errSecInternalComponent error

If you tried running Fastlane on a remote machine, you might have encountered this error. In short: Fastlane has troubles signing in your components and binary before for example uploading them to TestFlight.

To overcome the issue you should do the following:

  1. VNC into the remote machine and do a Build->Archive and export to App Store routine. When you'll see the codesign prompt, let it 'Always Allow', thus making to remember that xcode-tools are whitelisted
  2. After ssh-ing into the remote machine, before starting Fastlane, enter the following into Terminal: security unlock-keychain login.keychain - this will allow using the codesigning private key in Fastlane launched via ssh.
  3. Start your lane of choice by using fastlane <lane> and enjoy Fastlane without the codesigning error.