Fastlane errSecInternalComponent error

If you tried running Fastlane on a remote machine, you might have encountered this error. In short: Fastlane has troubles signing in your components and binary before for example uploading them to TestFlight.

To overcome the issue you should do the following:

  1. VNC into the remote machine and do a Build->Archive and export to App Store routine. When you'll see the codesign prompt, let it 'Always Allow', thus making to remember that xcode-tools are whitelisted
  2. After ssh-ing into the remote machine, before starting Fastlane, enter the following into Terminal: security unlock-keychain login.keychain - this will allow using the codesigning private key in Fastlane launched via ssh.
  3. Start your lane of choice by using fastlane <lane> and enjoy Fastlane without the codesigning error.